Home News Dreamscaper is a lovely, action-heavy roguelike with shades of Persona

Dreamscaper is a lovely, action-heavy roguelike with shades of Persona

If you’ve been intrigued by among the Jungian concepts introduced in Persona 4 Golden (which is now out on Steam for PC gamers to lastly attempt), you could wish to give Dreamscapers a glance. It’s a decidedly extra western affair, however it shares among the Persona collection’ elementary concepts – significantly, confronting your individual weaknesses as monsters in a dreamworld.

Dreamscaper skips Persona’s JRPG format, opting as an alternative for a real-time character motion strategy to fight. Each night time, our hero Casidy falls asleep and should confront her nightmares – manifestations of isolation, concern, and negativity that she’ll should defeat. The ‘dungeons’ she travels by aren’t conventional prisons and castles – as an alternative, they’re made up of the locations she’s accustomed to in her every day life.

When you’re not combating your means by Casidy’s desires, you’ll information her by her waking life, engaged on relationships with individuals she encounters in the actual world. As within the Persona video games, these relationships empower you with new instruments to tackle the challenges you face in your unconscious.

Here’s the trailer, which is beautiful:

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You’ll discover that the roguelike dungeon crawling is a combination of fight and puzzle-solving. Casidy will get all kinds of strikes to make use of, and there’s a dodge that’s harking back to the one which sends Bayonetta into Witch Time. There’s additionally a few of that bullet-hell motion that you could be bear in mind from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

It all seems terrific, too – characters have a form of papercraft summary really feel to them, however the environments present a semi-realistic, current day groundedness that makes Dreamscaper really feel homey and acquainted.

It’ll be heading into early entry this summer season, however you possibly can play the Dreamscaper demo proper now – head over to Steam to obtain and play the Dreamscaper Prologue. You’ll have the ability to bounce into early access in August.

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