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The Last of Us 2 Finding Strings collectibles walkthrough

Polygon’s The Last of Us Part 2 Finding Strings collectibles information begins with Ellie following Tommy by means of the woods in a flashback. It ends when Ellie returns to the current. There is 1 Artifact, 1 Trading Card, and 1 Journal Entry to search out.

Journal Entry location

Finding Strings Journal Entry 1 of 1

Immediately after the flashback begins, Tommy and Ellie will stroll previous a scenic overlook with a view of the mountains. Stop right here and Ellie can write a short description of the woods in her journal. This can also be a chance to web page by means of Ellie’s journal and examine her relationships with Dina, Joel, and her ex-girlfriend Cat at this level in her life.

The Last of Us Part 2 ‘Seattle Day 2’ (Ellie) collectibles guide

Journal Entry location.
Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America by way of Polygon

Austringer Trading Card location

Finding Strings Trading Card 1 of 1

A bit later, you’ll head out to search for a music retailer. After you dismount and hop the wall, Joel will supply to spice up you over the U-Move van. Climb over it by yourself and head down into the flooded space to search out the Austringer Trading Card resting on the automotive’s again passenger aspect seat.

Tara to Ruby Letter Artifact location

Finding Strings Artifact 1 of 1

Once contained in the lodge, Joel will transfer a merchandising machine apart opening the following part the place there are a number of rooms. In room 107, you’ll discover the Tara to Ruby letter artifact, a few girl who lately joined the neighborhood at Jackson, to her skeptical sister, Ruby.

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