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Rainbow Six Siege patch will make Melusi less annoying

The Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave launch date landed all of ten days in the past, and we’re already getting stability adjustments for its operators. The Y5S2.1 patch will embody a few tweaks to make Melusi much less irritating to take care of, in addition to the long-promised choice to cancel uneven matches. The newest replace to the official points tracker additionally signifies {that a} full rework for the sound system is coming, too.

Melusi’s obtained two adjustments incoming with Y5S2.1, per the official post: “lowering the penalty zone by approximately 33%” and “lowering the sound of Banshee effect in first person POV”. Ubisoft says it “received a number of feedback requests for balancing tweaks to the new Operators” through the Steel Wave take a look at server, and these adjustments are the end result.

Y5S2.1 may even add match cancellation for video games with too few gamers. “The goal will be to allow players to cancel matches in the early stages of a game under the condition that their team is incomplete”, Ubisoft says.

Further down the road, in Year 5 Season 3, Ubisoft plans to implement a brand new sound packaging system. “Our priority on that front is to first repackage the way sounds are stored and connected to the game. We currently have a limited ability to fix specific issues and this improvement should make it easier for us to work on the audio aspect of the game.”

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