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The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 3 – The Marina collectibles walkthrough

Polygon’s The Last of Us Part 2 Seattle Day 3 – The Marina collectibles begins with Abby and Yara on a wet balcony overlooking the Marina. It ends when Yara and Abby arrive on the island. There is 1 Artifact and 2 Coins to seek out.

Kansas Coin location

The Marina Coin 1 of two

At the situation this chapter begins, with Abby and Yara overlooking the ocean, flip round and jump over the railing to seek out the Kansas Coin.

Louisiana Coin location

The Marina Coin 2 of two

When you arrive on the Lenora St. Station, stroll round behind the ramp and stairs to seek out the Louisiana Coin.

Marina Note Artifact location

The Marina Artifact 1 of 1

On the decrease deck of the pier, stroll down previous the ladder and pink life preserver. Hop over-the-counter to enter the Big Fat Crab Shack, the place you’ll discover the Marina Note artifact, which features a sport of grasp man and correspondence between two anxious Wolves.

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