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Nintendo president Furukawa sees 95.47 % approval rating which is up from 92.04 % – My Nintendo News

The voting outcomes of the Election of Five Directors throughout Nintendo’s 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has just lately taken place. The 5 candidates for this 12 months had been Shuntaro Furukawa, Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinya Takahashi, Ko Shiota and Satoru Shibata. Here’s are the voting outcomes:

Shuntaro Furukawa
In favor: 937,392
Against: 41,324
Abstained: 245
Approval charge: 95.47 %

Shigeru Miyamoto
In favor: 965,332
Against: 12,059
Abstained: 1,575
Approval charge: 98.32 %

Shinya Takahashi
In favor: 965,552
Against: 11,834
Abstained: 1,575
Approval charge: 98.34 %

Ko Shiota
In favor: 965,559
Against: 11,827
Abstained: 1,575
Approval charge: 98.34 %

Satoru Shibata
In favor: 965,553
Against: 11,833
Abstained: 1,575
Approval charge: 98.34 %

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