Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ large summer update invitations you to go well with up and swim into the depths, and whereas you should use the pier or stroll into the ocean, some intrepid gamers wish to dive with a bit of extra type. For these fans, ambiance is simply as essential as the gameplay mechanic.

Many of us are building specialised diving areas the place they will cannonball into the water. The hottest method includes building a wood ramp, or a cliff, which may present the obligatory top for a pleasant dive. These diving spots are normally embellished with nautical objects, comparable to diving fits, surfboards, fish statues, and water-themed patterns. For instance, it’s fairly widespread to see swimming indicators close to diving spots — maybe one associated to a lifeguard, or one warning folks of the potential hazard. But it’s not all cliffs and ramps. Some are adorning their piers, or ground-level bridges that are made to appear to be diving boards.

The diving space featured at the prime of this publish, from Twitter user rancesssz, makes sensible use of the new sea creatures, together with seashore staples, to set a cute scene. Good to know the big crab has a use past instilling terror!

Here are a few of the finest diving areas and diving-related patterns we’ve seen on social media to date.