Animal Crossing: New Horizons gamers can now go diving for brand spanking new sea creatures.

Once you equip a Wet Suit, you may press A in opposition to the ocean to leap into it and swim. You can press A once more when you’re within the water to swim round and press Y to choose up any critters you discover. When you dive down, you’ll see effervescent shadows. Swim as much as these to choose them up.

You’ll have the ability to discover critters like Starfish and Oyster, together with Scallops. Finding a Scallop will summon Pascal, a crimson sea otter who will want the scrumptious critter. He’ll provide you with DIY recipes for mermaid furnishings in return.

These critters may be donated to the fish part of the Museum and have their very own Critterpedia web page in your Nook Phone. Like fish and bugs, sure sea critters solely seem throughout sure seasons and instances of the day. Sea creatures are a separate sort of critter from fish, that means that C.J. won’t purchase them from you nor will he flip them into fashions.

Check out our desk beneath for information on when to seek out the critters.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creature list

Critter # Sea Creature Value Time Month (Hemisphere)
Critter # Sea Creature Value Time Month (Hemisphere)
1 Seaweed 600 All day October-July (Northern) / April-January (Southern)
2 Sea grapes 900 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
3 Sea cucumber 500 All day November-April (Northern) / May-October (Southern)
4 Sea pig 10,000 Four p.m. – 9 a .m. November-February (Northern) / May-August (Southern)
5 Sea star 500 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
6 Sea urchin 1,700 All day May-September (Northern) / November-March (Southern)
7 Slate pencil urchin 2,000 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. May-September (Northern) / November-March (Southern)
8 Sea anemone 500 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
9 Moon jellyfish 600 All day July-September (Northern) / January-March (Southern)
10 Sea slug 600 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
11 Pearl oyster 2,800 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
12 Mussel 1,500 All day June-December (Northern) / December-June (Southern)
13 Oyster 1,100 All day September-February (Northern) / March-August (Southern)
14 Scallop 1,200 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
15 Whelk 1,000 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
16 Turban shell 1,000 All day March-May, September-December (Northern) / March-June, September-November (Southern)
17 Abalone 2,000 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. June-January (Northern) / December-July (Southern)
18 Gigas large clam 15,000 All day May-September (Northern) / November-March (Southern)
19 Chambered nautilus 1,800 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. March-June, September-November (Northern) / September-December, March-May (Southern)
20 Octopus 1,200 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
21 Umbrella octopus 6,000 All day March-May, September-November (Northern and Southern)
22 Vampire squid 10,000 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. May-August (Northern) / November-February (Southern)
23 Firefly squid 1,400 9 p.m. – Four a.m. March-June (Northern) / September-December (Southern)
24 Gazami crab 2,200 All day June-November (Northern) / December-May (Southern)
25 Dungeoness crab 1,900 All day November-May (Northern) / May-November (Southern)
26 Snow crab 6,000 All day November-April (Northern) / May-October (Southern)
27 Red king crab 8,000 All day November-March (Northern) / May-September (Southern)
28 Acorn barnacle 600 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
29 Spider crab 12,000 All day March-April (Northern) / September-October (Southern)
30 Tiger prawn 3,000 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. June-September (Northern) / December-March (Southern)
31 Sweet shrimp 1,400 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. September-February (Northern) / March-August (Southern)
32 Mantis shrimp 2,500 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. Year-round (Northern and Southern)
33 Spiny Lobster 5,000 9 p.m. – Four a.m. October-December (Northern) / April-June (Southern)
34 Lobster 4,500 All day April-June, December-January (Northern) / October-December, June-July (Southern)
35 Giant isopod 12,000 9 a.m. – Four p.m., 9 p.m. – Four a.m. July-October (Northern) / January-April (Southern)
36 Horseshoe crab 2,500 9 p.m. – Four a.m. July-September (Northern) / January-March (Southern)
37 Sea pineapple 1,500 All day Year-round (Northern and Southern)
38 Spotted backyard eel 1,100 Four a.m. – 9 p.m. May-October (Northern) / November-April (Southern)
39 Flatworm 700 Four p.m. – 9 a.m. August-September (Northern) / February-March (Southern)
40 Venus’ flower basket 5,000 All day October-February (Northern) / April-August (Southern)

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