Paper Mario: The Origami King’s boss fights introduce a twist on the sport’s spinning ring-based fight. In each fight in opposition to a Boss or a Vellumental, like this fight in opposition to Hole Punch in Temple of Shrooms, you’ll must chart a path for Mario from the surface ring in and land on an assault motion.

Every boss fight in Paper Mario: The Origami King has guidelines that you just’ll study over the course of your turns. Not realizing them means you’ll waste turns and open your self to extra injury.

In this Paper Mario: The Origami King guide, we’ll let you realize the principles to Hole Punch in Temple of Shrooms so that you don’t must study them the exhausting means, after which we’ll offer you step-by-step guides to defeating it.

Hole Punch boss fight technique

The Hole Punch fight is intimidating due to its max well being depleting assaults, however as soon as you realize the method, it’s surprisingly manageable.

Attacks from the entrance and boot assaults won’t deal any injury. You will solely deal injury along with your hammer from behind — on the rubber cowl facet.

After you deal sufficient injury, Hole Punch will cost up with a glowing yellow ring round it. At that time, it’s essential to hit an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle assault. This will block injury from Hole Punch’s strongest assault, and in addition knock it over to disclose its mushy underbelly.

When it’s the wrong way up, a 1,000-Fold Arms assault will deal enormous injury.

You’ll must repeat the method to win the fight.

Throughout the battle, you’ll have to attempt to choose up your gap punched components to revive your HP.

Hole Punch boss fight step-by-step

Knowing what to do and managing to do it are typically two various things in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Below, we’ll go step-by-step by means of this fight. Unlike the primary few boss fights, this one doesn’t have a set sample. The tiles, arrows, and objects will change each fight and each spherical. Instead of spin-by-spin instructions, we’ll offer you objectives for every flip.

Turn 1

  1. Tiles with solely a pair holes are simply deactivated, however you may nonetheless run throughout them. The tiles on the innermost ring with clear holes are those you’ll fall by means of.
  2. You have two objectives this flip: Land on an assault motion on the again half — the rubber facet — of Hole Punch on one of many innermost two rings, and go over a treasure chest on the way in which.
  3. Hit along with your greatest hammer — like a Shiny Hammer.
  4. You’ll get hit with a Hole Punch that lowers your max HP and you can’t block, after which a Base Slap that you could block.

Turn 2

  1. The treasure chest in Turn 1 ought to have thrown out an additional assault tile. This flip, you need to hit an assault from behind once more, however attempt to choose up that additional assault.
  2. Use your greatest hammer for each assaults.
  3. You’ll get hit with both one other Hole Punch and Base Slap combo, or a Throwing Punches assault.

Turn 3

  1. If all has gone effectively, Hole Punch must be laying flat and glowing yellow. (If it isn’t, hit with extra hammer assaults till it’s.)
  2. You’ll discover that your Hole Punched components are on tiles across the area. It’s tempting to select them as much as get your HP again up, however solely choose them up in the event that they’re handy.
  3. Your precedence this flip is to hit an ON swap and land on an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle assault.
  4. When you’re profitable, you received’t take any injury and Hole Punch will knock itself over.

Turn 4

  1. This flip is much like Turn 3. You have to hit an ON swap and land on a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.
  2. If it’s doable or handy, attempt to choose up considered one of your holes, however deal with the 1,000-Fold Arms assault first.
  3. Your 1,000-Fold Arms will deal lots of injury, however you received’t end the fight but.
  4. You’ll in all probability get hit with a Hole Punch and Base Slap combo.

Turn 5

  1. Just like Turn 1, your objective right here is to hit an assault motion on the again half of the sector.
  2. If you may, hit the treasure chest for that additional assault tile, but it surely shouldn’t be mandatory.
  3. While you’re at it, attempt to hit an ON swap simply to prepare for subsequent flip, however don’t fear an excessive amount of about it.
  4. Hit Hole Punch along with your greatest hammer.
  5. You’ll get hit once more, but it surely ought to set off Hole Punch’s glowing assault section once more.

Turn 6

  1. You’re trying to repeat Turn Three right here: Hit an ON swap, and land on an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle.
  2. Mix in anything you may — like your punched-out components or a treasure chest — however don’t make them a precedence.
  3. You received’t take injury (once more), and Hole Punch will knock itself over (once more).

Turn 7

  1. Hit yet another ON swap and comply with up with a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.
  2. This time, you’ll end the fight.