PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is again for an additional season of new content material. This new content material contains a reworked version of the Sanhok map full with new places, updates of gamers’ favourite spots, and a few new surprises.

Sanhok is one of PUBG’s oldest maps. It was the third battle royale map launched for the recreation — practically two years in the past — and the first to shift the measurement of the battlefield. Rather than the 8×8 measurement of maps like Erangel and Miramar. Sanhok is 4×4, making it a sooner paced and extra lethal version of PUBG.

“What was kind of fun about developing Miramar and Sanhok originally is it’s almost like you’re a band trying to avoid that sophomore slump,” PUBG Corporation Studio Director Dave Curd not too long ago instructed Polygon throughout an interview.

While most of the map’s most outstanding options and cities will be modified on this rework, the measurement and tempo of Sanhok’s jungle warfare is one factor that isn’t going wherever.

An overhead view of the map for PUBG’s Sanhok rework

The newly up to date Sanhok map
Image: PUBG Corporation

“With Sanhok it was really freeing because we just wanted to a quicker pace,” Curd mentioned. “We wanted that same risk-reward, high tension, challenging gun play, getting third partied, but [we] wanted to get it done in 25 minutes, not 35. And I think a lot of those guts are still there. That pace is really good.”

One downside that Curd says the staff needed to resolve was letting gamers really feel like they might use the entire map. According to the developer’s warmth maps, there have been some areas that have been hardly seeing any fights.

PUBG’s Sanhok rework comparing the old Docks location with the new Getaway location

Image: PUBG Corporation

One instance Curd brings up is Docks. The space is tucked in at the south-eastern edge of the map, which implies it isn’t nice for many circles. In order to be drop someplace like that, Curd explains that gamers have to really feel like they’re getting nice loot and preventing in an fascinating space. So, as half of the rework, PUBG Corporation changed Docks with Getaway, a tropical get together city outfitted with lots of loot for a few groups to struggle over.

The new version of PUBG’s Sanhok area Bootcamp

Image: PUBG Corporation

This Sanhok rework gained’t simply change some of the map’s least common areas although. Other areas like Bootcamp, which was one of PUBG’s hottest drops throughout any map, is getting a few adjustments as properly. Curd describes the new version of Bootcamp as extra centered and fewer cluttered, nevertheless it’s additionally bought a hidden secret. Underneath the fundamental constructing are dozens of underground tunnels that crisscross the space, giving gamers new locations to struggle and new bits of story to discover — one thing the staff couldn’t embody in the first version of Sanhok.

A PUBG player ambushing the Loot Truck on the reworked Sanhok map

Image: PUBG Corporation

Sanhok additionally has a new addition known as the Loot Truck. This closely armored car will roll round the map like a care package deal on wheels. If gamers can destroy it they’ll accumulate degree three armor and highly effective weapons that will come pre-outfitted with attachments. But destroying it takes time and the place ever the Loot Truck is, Curd says, turns into a small hotspot for intense firefights.

The up to date version of Sanhok will hit PUBG’s Test Server later this week, together with all the different additions coming to the recreation for season 8. The map’s full launch is scheduled for July 22 on PC and July 30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.