Paper Mario: The Origami King’s boss fights introduce a twist on the sport’s spinning ring-based fight. In each fight in opposition to a Boss or a Vellumental, like this fight in opposition to Tape in Sea Tower, you’ll must chart a path for Mario from the surface ring in and land on an assault motion.

Every boss fight in Paper Mario: The Origami King has guidelines that you simply’ll be taught over the course of your turns. Not figuring out them means you’ll waste turns and open your self to extra injury.

In this Paper Mario: The Origami King guide, we’ll let you realize the principles to Tape in Sea Tower so that you don’t must be taught them the onerous manner, after which we’ll offer you step-by-step guides to defeating it.

Tape boss fight technique

There are two phases to your fight in opposition to Tape. We’ll name them the Dispenser section and the Roll section.

During the Dispenser section, your aim is to hit all 4 quadrants of it with hammer assaults (1,000-Fold Arm assaults work, too) till the dispenser shatters. This section is fairly easy.

During the Roll section, your aim is to hit it with 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle assaults till it’s fully unspooled. This section is difficult (and sticky) since Tape will roll round and tape rings and segments collectively, severely limiting your capability to maneuver them round.

Throughout each phases, helpful tiles might be hidden in treasure chests, so you should definitely hit them.

Your boot assaults received’t work in both section, so give attention to Magic Circles, hammers, and therapeutic.

In the second section, your common assaults deal minimal injury, so use your turns to heal for those who can’t land a Magic Circle assault.

As its well being drops, Tape would possibly begin spinning and glowing yellow. When that occurs, the one assault that can injury it’s a Fire Vellumental Magic Circle assault.

Hole Punch boss fight step-by-step

Knowing what to do and managing to do it are typically two various things in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Below, we’ll go step-by-step by this fight. Unlike the primary few boss fights, this one doesn’t have a set sample. The tiles, arrows, and gadgets will change each fight and each spherical. Instead of spin-by-spin instructions, we’ll offer you objectives for every section.

Phase 1

The variety of turns every section will take relies upon lots on luck and the presence of helpful tiles. The objectives listed beneath apply to each flip on this section.

  1. Tape’s dispenser is split into 4 quadrants (entrance left, entrance proper, and so forth.). You must destroy every quadrant to maneuver to section 2 — this takes roughly 50 factors of injury every.
  2. If you assault straight from the facet or entrance or again, you’ll injury two quadrants directly.
  3. Hit each treasure chest you’ll be able to, and attempt to use additional assault tiles after they’re out.
  4. Block as greatest you’ll be able to, however this section must be over earlier than you’re taking an excessive amount of injury.

Phase 2

This is the place issues get difficult and sticky. (Because of this section, this fight simply final 10 minutes or longer.)

  1. This section will get irritating quick. Tape’s Roll Out capability signifies that the world’s rings and segments get taped collectively, and you’ll’t eliminate the tape by sliding segments. Over time, you would possibly even find yourself with your complete area transferring as one block. You’re not going to string collectively a good looking path throughout the world, so solely give attention to what you’re in a position to do and attempt to obtain one aim every flip.
  2. Your first aim by each flip of this section must be to land on an activated 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle. Since you received’t have a lot management over the rings, you might need to activate an ON change one one flip, and hit the Magic Circle on the subsequent.
  3. Any time you’re caught or out of choices, purpose for a daily assault and use your flip to heal — your weapons will solely deal a pair factors off injury, so that they’re not price it. We can’t stress this sufficient: Heal each time you’ll be able to. Tape’s assaults on this section deal 30 to 50 factors of injury. You can solely survive a number of of them earlier than you’re killed.
  4. Hitting a Fire Vellumental Magic Circle will deal some injury to Tape, however it can additionally clear the tape from the world’s rings. Try to combine these in to maintain your choices open, however all the time prioritize 1,000-Fold Arm assaults (and therapeutic).
  5. If Tape begins spinning and glowing yellow, solely a Fire Vellumental assault will contact it. Just as importantly, although, Tape will comply with its spinning with two assaults, so be sure to have the well being to outlive them.
  6. Keep biking by 1,000-Fold Arm assaults, Fire Vellumental assaults, and therapeutic till you win.