Most of Mortal Shell takes place in Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts. This is the place you’ll begin, the place you’ll discover Fallgrim Tower and Sester Genessa, and the world you’ll traverse to achieve the three temples, weapons, and glands it is advisable end the sport.

To navigate the sport, you’ll have to make a psychological map — one thing we recommended in our newbie’s information — however even higher could be a map you may reference at any time. We’ve made that map under, and included icons for every shell, areas the place you’ll discover Sester Genessa, tarspore and weltcap areas, and areas of brigand/bandit camps.

Mortal Shell Fallgrim map

Mortal Shell map

Map of Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts
Image: Cold Symmetry/PlayStack by way of Polygon

We spent loads of time pondering Mortal Shell’s world was laid out like a hub and spokes, however after making this map, we’ve realized it very a lot isn’t. You begin your journey within the heart of the map — that is additionally the place you’ll choose up the Harros, the Vassal shell. The sport will then lead (extra like gently counsel) you to Fallgrim Tower and Sester Genessa.

As you broaden outward from Fallgrim Tower, the world and its map turns into very sophisticated, interwoven, and complicated. The finest strategy to navigate the world is to search for landmarks — and we’ve included a few of these landmarks on the map above.

As you discover, you’ll discover the world’s human(ish) enemies are inclined to cluster round campfires. We’ve included these on the map as properly. It’s at all times good to know the place the unhealthy guys are, however additionally they function helpful landmarks as you discover.

Once you’re prepared to move for particular locations, we now have the areas of the opposite shells — Solomon, the Scholar; Eredrim, the Venerable; and Tiel, the Acolyte — marked in blue(ish).

The sport’s three different ranges — Shrine of Ash, Crypt of Martyrs, and Seat of Infinity — every begin in a temple the place you’ll discover one other Sester Genessa. These temples are additionally the place you’ll discover the sport’s different three weapons — the Smoldering Mace, the Hammer and Chisel, and the Martyr’s Blade.

Since therapeutic objects are so uncommon, we’ve additionally included areas for weltcaps — the therapeutic, pink mushrooms — and tarspores — the yellow poison-curing mushrooms. These mushrooms respawn each 5 minutes, so go to their areas usually to refill.