You could have seen among the individuals you can pal about with in Cyberpunk 2077, however you haven’t seen all of them. During a current group Q&A, senior quest designer Philipp Weber was requested if you can produce other sidekicks within the upcoming PC game moreover Jackie, and, in that case, what number of potential friends there are. He didn’t give us a tough quantity, however he did reveal that there are many important companions you’ve not met that aren’t Jackie.

“There actually are quite a few people that you can play different quests with that are very important to the story, and also come with you on specific missions, or just for having a drink or on a drive,” Weber explains. “Like Jackie, they’ll be crucial. There are a number of them, and fairly necessary ones that we haven’t proven yet: in any respect.

“I’m wanting ahead to individuals assembly these characters and discovering out what they’re all about. Some of those characters, relying in your decisions, you would possibly like, and so they would possibly like you. Some of these characters would possibly change into your foes or enemies.

“We are making a roleplaying game, so it’s all up to you. Sometimes you might make a friend or a lover, and sometimes you might make an enemy. But it’s really important for us that we have these important characters that can be with you in your story and wherever it makes sense for them to be.”

Elsewhere within the video, Weber additionally tackles a query in regards to the variations and genres to every one in all Cyberpunk 2077’s missions. He says that some are extra philosophical, whereas others are extra horror. All of them, nevertheless, need to make sense within the cyberpunk game’s narrative and serve a objective to push it ahead.

You can see the interview with Weber down under:

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