EA Motive’s new area fight sim, Star Wars: Squadrons, is due out quickly. It’s excessive time followers get in the temper for some warring amongst the stars. To that finish, a seven-minute lengthy, CG brief movie has been launched to set the tone for the recreation’s story mode.

Titled “The Hunted,” the Star Wars: Squadrons characteristic is about shortly after the climactic Battle of Endor from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. At Endor, the Rebel Alliance lastly triumphed over the Empire, destroying the second Death Star, defeating Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, and routing the Imperial Fleet. The brief begins at the Var-Shaa Dockyards, the place Imperial Star Destroyers are retreating from the approaching New Republic fleet.

Interestingly, the characteristic takes the perspective of the Imperial pilot Varko Grey, callsign “Titan Leader.” He’s Captain of Titan Squadron, the Imperial Starfighter Corps squadron centered in the Star Wars: Squadrons Imperial marketing campaign. Grey pilots a TIE Interceptor throughout the battle, however is left behind by his mothership’s retreat, and hunted by an ace X-Wing pilot.

The recreation can even have a Republic-side marketing campaign, that includes Vanguard Squadron. In multiplayer, gamers will fly on opposing sides in dogfights, flying a number of playable Star Wars ships in a number of roles. Iconic craft like the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Y-Wing, and the U-Wing from Rogue One shall be playable. Star Wars: Squadrons signature mode is a fleet battle, the place gamers on either side (or cooperating towards bots) fly in a multi-phase operation to take out enemy fighter screens, destroy goal capital ships, after which fly bombing runs to take out an enemy flagship.

Star Wars: Squadrons releases on October 2, 2020, and shall be accessible on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. No present plans have been revealed for a separate PS5 or Xbox Series X model of the recreation, however will probably be playable on the new consoles via backwards compatibility.