Netflix has by chance leaked the primary trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. The CGI present based mostly on the horror game franchise will embrace – you guessed it – a depressing mansion, led by – wouldn’t you already know it – Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Netflix Portugal posted the minute-long teaser to Twitter, which instantly elated followers of the zombie games. It appears the account was preemptive, and the video has since been taken down down, however that is the web, so it’s been reposted throughout. The footage begins with Claire Redfield investigating a dreary cabin, the place she discovers some used vials of what’s presumably the T-virus, or spinoff thereof, after which we lower as she finds a dull physique sitting in a chair with a shotgun.

The subsequent scene is what appears like Chris Redfield having bother with a zombie someplace much more decadent, solely to be saved by Leon Kennedy. In August, Netflix introduced it was producing an eight-episode live-action series based on the games, to which this could be by some means associated. This is the fourth CG manufacturing throughout three firms to be developed based mostly on the long-running survival games, alongside the run of live-action motion pictures. Although typically extra correct aesthetically, the animated works are typically simply as ridiculous because the Milla Jovovich-led counterparts, reveling within the energy of animation make bizarre, wild motion.

The series has since been confirmed on the Tokyo Game Show, with launch date is ready for someday in 2021.

You can see an official poster beneath:

Next yr we even have the Resident Evil Village release date, the eighth mainline Resident Evil recreation. According to developer Capcom, the titular vilalge is one thing of its own character, and can have “a lot more freedom” than Resident Evil 7.