Playing any of the basic Silent Hill video games isn’t straightforward nowadays. The PC port was a chilly 18 years in the past, and the final remaster was in 2012. For such a beloved horror game series it’s criminally exhausting to play now, so a modder has created a refresher utilizing Amnesia to make certain we keep in mind it fondly.

Silent Hill: Respite is a visible novel mod of Amnesia: The Dark Descent that performs as an odd, in-universe memoriam of Silent Hill’s higher days. You begin in a small diner, on one facet is the mark of series antagonists The Order, and on the different is a discover board filled with characters which are both lifeless or alive, every with a brief description hooked up. Four songs from the collective soundtracks by Akira Yamaoka play as you wander round, or stare out into the thick fog exterior.

Strewn round the room are Easter eggs and references, a information to which you’ll be able to watch beneath in a developer’s commentary from creator TrollForce. The complete factor is supposed as a small celebration of the first 4 Silent Hill video games, and the neighborhood that also loves them. “Entries such as Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4: The Room are collected as memories and to show what the series has meant to the community,” the ModDB description reads. “Team Silent and Silent Hill may be gone, but the memories and the lasting impact on horror will forever be in the hearts and minds of the fans of the revolutionary series.”

Amnesia developer Frictional Games introduced the survival games could be open source from now on, permitting modders to create greater and higher tasks. As one commenter notes on YouTube, Silent Hill: Respite would make a fantastic VR expertise, one thing open supply makes that a lot simpler.

You can discover the mod here. The closest we’ve to a brand new Silent Hill for now’s the DLC for Dead By Daylight. The newest trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth got here out a few weeks in the past, bringing with the launch date. As at all times, mod with warning.