Many individuals on-line puzzled why Ubisoft modified the name of Gods & Monsters to the extra generic sounding, Immortals Fenyx Rising. New paperwork have revealed that the name change was due to power drinks agency Monster who filed an opposition to the trademark again in April 2020. Ubisoft seemingly didn’t resolve to absolutely challenge the opposition and determined to roll with Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Opposition to a USPTO submitting can primarily win the day as a result of it’s too costly to battle. The undeniable fact that Ubisoft is a publicly-traded firm doesn’t change the truth that they don’t need to battle costly fights, particularly when there isn’t an actual certainty of successful.

“Yes, I think they would have ultimately have defeated Monster Energy’s push for opposition, but at what cost? And at what time? And what level of marketing would have been affected?”

Hoeg Law’s, Richard Hoeg,

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