It appears Activision is wanting right into a manner for Call of Duty gamers to share loadouts from the FPS games on social media for others to obtain and use. A latest patent from developer Treyarch outlines a manner of sharing custom configurations between gamers, maybe even throughout a match.

The patent was filed by David Vonderhaar, sport design director at Treyarch who’s overseen multiplayer in each Call of Duty: Black Ops, together with the most recent, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, and is described as a “method of creating and sharing a customised video game weapon configuration in a gameplay session of a multiplayer video game via at least one social network”. In different phrases, a device for exporting your custom loadout to your social community of alternative, whether or not to point out it off, or let your mates copy it.

The patent goes on to clarify that gamers having to rebuild any weapon configuration they arrive throughout can result in a “poor or unsatisfying player experience”, and “decreased desire to continue playing the videogame”. According to the outline right here, this interface will embody having the ability to retailer and share efficiency stats of custom loadouts, too.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are named as locations you may share your favorite XM4 loadout, MP5 loadout, or AK-74u loadout.

This submitting is said to purposes in 2015, 2016, and September 2019, indicating maybe that this add-on is getting nearer to fruition. Call of Duty: Black Ops three noticed the introduction of Gunsmith, an enhanced method to look at and tweak weapons within the war games. This may, feasibly, be half of the following evolution of that interface.

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