It was once that, whereas combating different gamers in Pokémon video games, you got 60 minutes to complete the duel. But in Pokémon Sword and Shield, a typical six-on-six battle is afforded a measly 20-minute timer for your complete proceedings — and in line with hardcore devotees, that’s nowhere close to sufficient time.

This is probably going why aggressive Pokémon participant and content material creator pokeaimMD’s current marketing campaign #BringBackTimer has made strides throughout the group after a current YouTube add the place he explains the severity of the issue. As it stands, 20 minutes is commonly not sufficient to even end a battle. So it’s attainable to lose a combat with out really having your whole monsters worn out. Alternatively, it’s attainable to win a combat with out knocking out your whole opponent’s Pokémon. This limitation, pokeaimMD argues, makes battling in Pokémon Sword and Shield really feel much less fulfilling.

“The biggest thing with the timer is how it makes you feel after you play a game, right?” he says throughout the video. “If I am battling my friend, and the game ends at 6-5, and it says I’ve won, there is no satisfaction in that, right? It’s not complete, the game is not complete, it’s not over. Yet the timer is dictating that the game is over and that I’ve won, but I don’t feel that way, right? And this is why we really do need this change to the timer. It really is a simple change.”

In his thoughts, it might be higher if battles allowed for a full 60 minutes, animations not included, quite than the condensed time-frame that’s presently allotted. Without it, he fears, the sport’s aggressive singles scene that performs over Wi-Fi won’t have longevity because the annoyed group strikes away from it. Polygon has reached out to each The Pokémon Company and Game Freak on this matter.

The video is especially notable as a result of it consists of a wide range of Pokémon creators supporting pokeaimMD’s stance, like shiny hunter aDrive and CybertonProductions. These personalities all shared how Pokémon Sword and Shield’s timer has restricted their enjoyment. Feeling rushed, for instance, won’t assist you to make use of the very best techniques out there.

“Why not give us the ability to customize the rules any way we want?” Pokémon content material creator Shofu says throughout the footage. “‘Cause that way, we can enjoy the game in so many different ways. I should be able to set the rules to anything that I so please, and as long as my opponent agrees with them, we should be able to have all the fun in the world.”

Shofu goes on to say that new mechanics, like Dynamaxing, all have elaborate animations that eat away on the timer.

What’s worse, the present limitations are driving gamers to make use of off-platform options, like aggressive simulator Pokémon Showdown. But with a easy change, Game Freak can convey extra individuals again into the fold — and hold them there.

No shock, then, that social media is basically in settlement with pokeaimMD’s considerations.