Entertainment firm Happinet has introduced that the Shin Megami Tensei Pop-up Store in HMV & Books Shibuya will open subsequent month in Japan. [Thanks, 4Gamer.]

The Shin Megami Tensei Pop-up Store will open from December 1, 2020, to December 20, 2020, on the HMV & Books Shibuya 5F. In addition to brand-new authentic items made for the pop-up retailer, followers will get to buy or pre-order high-quality equipment and items. The retailer may even have jewellery from the DDS (Digital Devil Selection).

Here’s a have a look at a few of the authentic Shin Megami Tensei items you’ll discover on the store:

  • Demon Fusion Cerberus Hoodie for 8,000 yen plus tax
  • Wisdom God Thoth’s Leather Book Cover for 3,000 yen plus tax.
  • Hee Ho Print Round Pouches for 1,500 yen plus tax every
  • 5-piece Metal Charm Set primarily based on SMT icons for 4,000 yen plus tax

Here are some Tokyo Game Show 2020 gadgets that may even be obtainable on the pop-up retailer:

  • Long T-Shirt for six,800 yen plus tax
  • Decarabia T-Shirt for five,000 yen plus tax
  • Jack Frost/Black Frost Masks for 1,200 yen plus tax every
  • Jack Frost/Black Frost Eye Masks for 1,300 yen plus tax every

Lastly, right here’s a have a look at a few of the aforementioned Digital Devil Selection items:

Digital Devil Selection goods

The Jack Frost Denim Plush will go for five,980 yen.

Digital Devil Selection goods

This Black Frost Ring prices 25,800 yen plus tax.

Digital Devil Selection goods

The Demi-fiend Ring is one other merchandise on the pricier aspect at 22,800 yen plus tax.

The Shin Megami Tensei Pop-up Store in HMV & Books Shibuya will open on December 1, 2020. You can discover extra info on the official website.