In line with its current historical past, Sony needs the PlayStation 5 to be available on the market for no less than seven years earlier than it introduces its subsequent console. At least that’s what SIE CEO Jim Ryan recommended throughout an interview with GQ journal UK.

Ryan didn’t suggest that this was set in stone, however mentioned that Sony is “really positive” concerning the PS5’s future over the subsequent “five, six, seven” years. “After that, who knows?” he continued. “I think the cloud will probably become more important over the course of the next few years, even though there are still business model and technology challenges. As that happens we’re continuing our studies and our investment and looking at this very carefully.”

In the identical interview, Ryan identified that quite a lot of analysts predicted that consoles will close to their finish by 2020, however that didn’t fairly occur.

“It seems that I’ve spent most of my life at PlayStation listening to people tell me that this generation is going to be the last one because something else is going to make the console model redundant,” he added. “I’m sure these people are really wise and really intelligent but to date they haven’t been correct.”

Elsewhere, Ryan reiterated that PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are necessary providers and though Sony is at the moment targeted on the PS5 and its video games, it doesn’t that imply the corporate isn’t “thinking deeply about our services and figuring out some quite interesting stuff that’ll get its own moment in the limelight.”

[Source: GQ]