Super Zeroes

If you fancy stepping exterior for somewhat old-school ultraviolence, then maybe this week’s Arcade Archives launch will likely be proper up your back-alley. Hamster’s newest coin-op basic, now out there on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, is Seibu Kaihatsu’s obscure brawler Zero Team.

Released again in 1993, amidst a slew of scrolling beat ’em ups, Zero Team has one-to-four gamers don the personalities of a squad of superhero-type crime fighters, together with a duo of ninja-warriors, a firearm-obsessed previous boy, and a gal who confirmed up with none pants. While Zero Team options typical face-mashing mayhem, it has a surprisingly deep combo system, neatly-designed phases, an unashamed love of procured weaponry, setting it aside out of your common Final Fight knock-offs.

Check out the harmful motion in the video beneath, courtesy of YouTuber Martinoz.

Zero Team was not solely a rarity in the arcade market, but additionally took an awfully very long time to arrive on the emulation scene. As such, this launch represents the underplayed brawler is first ever official residence port, and is a welcome addition to Hamster’s expansive vary of basic and forgotten quarter-munchers.

Zero Team is accessible to obtain now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, priced at round $8.