If you’re an Ark: Survival Evolved fan, you’ll know that the wilds of the action-adventure game’s common servers could be a difficult place to sort out. To assist carry newbies aboard, the sport options beginner servers with decrease problem and numerous limits, however to maintain them ship-shape for their objective, Studio Wildcard routinely wipes them clear. And, should you’re enjoying on them or considering of entering into Ark, it’s price realizing when these wipes will occur.

The survival game’s developer has simply introduced its newest beginner server wipe has now taken place (as of January 26), and that the next one’s attributable to arrive in spring – March 23, to be precise. “These servers will be wiped periodically to help provide a fresh beginner experience for new players,” the dev says on Twitter, explaining to newcomers you can hop right into a beginner server by looking “beginner” within the multiplayer game’s server browser.

If you’re new to the sport, it’s price noting that leaping in recent simply after a server wipe has occurred could be a good method to get caught into it for the primary time. As SW explains in a earlier dev post, “beginner official servers are an experience for new ARK players to test the waters without the threat of thoroughly developed tribes”.

Unlike the title’s common model servers, the beginner platforms have seen some modifications and tweaks. “There have been some limitations on how much a player or dino can progress,” the studio explains. “Player levels hit their cap at 44 and the highest encounter possible for wild creatures is level 30. Tamed creatures can receive up to an additional maximum of 30 levels.”

Additionally, “due to the progression limits, some engrams are not achievable through levelling up but are found via supply crates. Some other changes include the disabling of alliances and tribe sizes have been limited to five members maximum”.

It’s additionally price noting, should you’re going to get set up on a beginner server between wipes, you would possibly need to make a remark of the next scheduled deep clear as you could need to dangle on to your character by importing them to foremost servers. Once you achieve this, although, you’ll be able to’t ship them again to a beginner server – so bear that in thoughts.

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