Throughout every year, Games Done Quick holds speedrunning marathons to lift cash for various charities. The newest of these occasions was Awesome Games Done Quick 2021, which ran 24 hours a day for per week from January 3. The result’s they’ve managed to lift over $2.75 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation.

A complete of 157 speedruns happened through the occasion. Between them, they managed to lift a complete of $2,775,484.03 from 42,103 donors on the time of writing. People are nonetheless in a position to donate to the occasion in the event that they select; over $16,000 has been donated over the past 24 hours alone. The grateful recipient, Prevent Cancer Foundation, will probably be utilizing the cash to assist individuals to get most cancers diagnoses as early as attainable, with the purpose being to stop the illness earlier than it even begins.

The speedruns ranged from fast playthroughs on straightforward mode with no circumstances to these on tougher difficulties that aimed to get 100% within the recreation. It’s all the time enjoyable to see prolonged video games minimize all the way down to ridiculously brief playtimes. LilAggy and Mitchriz accomplished Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in simply over 25 minutes, whereas Depcow accomplished the complete Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy to 100% in 53 minutes. Some of the wackier runs included PeekingBoo enjoying Celeste on a dance mat, whereas Bubzia accomplished Super Mario 64 whereas blindfolded. All of the runs can nonetheless be considered on the Games Done Quick Youtube channel if you wish to catch up.

Including the full from AGDQ 2021, Games Done Quick has managed to lift over $31 million for a variety of charities, together with Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, AbleGamers, Malala Fund, and Organization for Autism Research. The subsequent occasion will probably be Summer Games Done Quick 2021. A date for this occasion is but to be introduced. Last 12 months’s occasion happened in August after being delayed thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, so count on this 12 months’s occasion to happen just a little earlier within the 12 months.