After seven days of online game speedruns, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 raised a whopping $2,759,815.03 for charity. The group’s donations will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We have the general statistics from the occasion under.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 was held as an online-only occasion as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Runners streamed video video games from their houses, broadcasting on platforms comparable to Twitch. AGDQ 2021 supplied prizes and different incentives to encourage its viewers to donate. Based on the data, firms like The Yetee, Fangamer, and Twitch had been among the many highest donors. The occasion ended with last incentive objectives for a speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and a glitch expedition. The glitch expedition had an incentive of $250Okay and the speedrun was for a complete of $2.5M raised. These incentives helped push the whole in its last day. Additionally, runners at AGDQ 2021 streamed everybody’s favourite entries within the Zelda collection, the Philips CD-i video games.

  • Final Total of Donations: $2,762,537.03
  • Largest Individual Donation: $187,084.08
  • Average Donation: $65.66
  • Median Donation: $25.00
  • 157 Runs
  • 185 Prizes
  • 91 Bids
  • 25,639 Donors
  • 42,076 Donations

Part of the Games Done Quick charity marathon, Awesome Games Done Quick is a yearly occasion. AGDQ raises cash for a USA-based charity and one of many main organizations devoted to the early detection and prevention of most cancers, the Prevent Cancer Foundation. AGDQ 2021’s last complete was lower than 2020’s complete of $3,164,002. However, the fund-raising occasion was nonetheless a substantial success regardless of the worldwide pandemic. The sister occasion, Summer Games Done Quick, is normally held in late June or early July.

Those who would nonetheless prefer to contribute can donate by way of Awesome Games Done Quick’s website.