While we await information of a potential next-gen remaster and PC model of Bloodborne, somebody’s been imagining a completely different type of remake of the action-adventure game. A developer is popping From Software’s gothic Souls-like game into one thing for the unique PlayStation.

The demake comes courtesy of developer Lilith Walther, who’s been toiling away on making Bloodborne seem like a 3D horror game from circa 1997. She’s been sharing clips on Twitter of the undertaking up to now, taking a look at numerous facets of Bloodborne, and demonstrating the modifications essential to taking one thing that was innovative solely a few years in the past and making it match on tech that’s almost three many years outdated.

She isn’t the primary to deconstruct Bloodborne this manner, Yarntown from developer Max Mraz turned the open world game into a top-down Zelda-like, however Walther’s work has some attention-grabbing perspective to it. An apparent distinction is draw distance, that particular PlayStation fog is commonplace, making encounters that rather more ominous. Visceral assaults do a set quantity of injury, and also you get a huge R1 image when one’s out there. Walther’s been doing common threads on the options as she provides them, from save factors to your hunter’s voice.

This is one other in a lengthy line of demakes that discover numerous video games via completely different pallettes, mechanics, and genres. In addition to Yarntown, we’ve had Disco Elysium on the Game Boy, Deadly Premonition on the Game Boy, and Super Smash Bros on the NES.

Walther is engaged on a JRPG known as Witch, with Heartstrings Studios, due out 2022, and you’ll find more information on that here. We’re nonetheless holding out hope for that Bloodborne PC port, and these fan tasks are making the anticipation a little simpler.