Dainsleif is right here to inform us about yet one more Genshin Impact character. It’s time for the most recent Collected Miscellany trailer, which is the type of miHoYo video utterly targeted on a personality’s moveset. This time, we are able to begin fascinated about Ganyu builds whereas studying about how her Elemental Burst and Skill work.

The video begins with Dainsleif explaining that Ganyu is the type of character who is healthier at charged photographs. This means you’ll most likely wish to keep away from Rust, the bow that will increase regular assault injury and is commonly advisable for archer characters like Childe, when working in your Ganyu Builds. This is as a result of second cost degree of her regular assault not solely dealing peculiar Cryo injury, however space of impact Cryo Damage. She’s additionally good at crafting bows, which suggests you’ll use fewer ores when she makes one. You get 15% again.

After explaining her regular assaults, it goes on to her Elemental talents. Trail of the Qilin is her Elemental Skill, and it permits her to depart an Ice Lotus behind to assault whereas she escapes. It offers continuous Cryo injury, then extra when it “blooms.” Celestial Shower is her Elemental Burst. This causes a Cryo Pearl to trigger ice shard rain for a short time. The video exhibits it getting used through the Oceanid battle to continually assault and freeze. You may wish to head to, say the Peak of Vindagnyr Dragonspine Domain to get Blizzard Strayer Artifact set gadgets to your Ganyu builds, to help with her Cryo injury.

Genshin Impact is offered on the PlayStation 4, PC, and each Android and Apple iOS gadgets. The Nintendo Switch model is on the best way. The Ganyu banner will start right this moment on January 12, 2021, then final till February 2, 2021.