If you’ve been taking part in Cyberpunk 2077 as male V and searching for love, you would possibly’ve been dissatisfied to be taught that you can not romance Judy. She’s explicitly written as homosexual, and solely open to romance when you’re taking part in as a lady. The story makes that intention clear sufficient, however modders have discovered some male participant voice lines for the Judy romance hidden within the recreation’s code.

Mods are actually on the market permitting you to see the Judy romance as a male character, using these voice lines. It’s a bit awkward, as the intercourse scene doesn’t play out fairly proper, and there are nonetheless some references within the dialogue to V being a lady. So if the romance was at all times meant for feminine V, why does the male dialogue exist?

“It was simply more convenient and easier for our localisation team from a production point of view to record all lines with both voices, so we could avoid missing something by mistake that would require future recordings,” a CD Projekt rep tells Eurogamer. “This was done with pretty much everything just to be on the safe side although it can vary between the different languages.”

“Judy was always only a female V romance partner and that was the artistic vision from the start, there was no male romance option cut from the game.”

You can see the modded scenes, and get some directions on get them working, under. (Of course, that is NSFW, however there’s a good probability you’re working from dwelling now anyway.)

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