Not all glitches in Cyberpunk 2077 are as immersion-breaking as gamers’ butts or unmentionables hanging and flopping out. Some can be helpful — particularly to speedrunners.

The glitch in query entails modding up V with Maneuvering System, a bit of cyberware that lets the participant execute a dodge mid-air. (Find stated cyberware in Santo Domingo’s Arroyo sub-district.) As Redditor Strikielol discovered (by way of Eurogamer), it additionally permits gamers to sprint mid-air. When a mid-air sprint is correctly timed, it provides V super-speed.

The trick is to hit sprint proper earlier than V lands; this mainly confuses the sport into merging each the sprint and the bounce ahead, and with it, V builds up momentum and speed properly past what CD Projekt Red builders meant. We know that as a result of, when zooming down the freeway, the participant goes faster than it takes for cars to load in. Watch them popping out and in:

Other gamers have discovered methods to compound the gains with in-world mods, like bolstered tendons (available at the ripperdoc in Watson, Little China), which provides a double-jump to the participant’s repertoire.

What’s it good for? Well, it must be apparent, however this type of factor normally is useful for speedrunners, particularly in large-world function enjoying video games. There’s a bug inside Fallout 3 that likewise confuses and takes benefit of the sport, giving the participant an enormous increase to strolling and working speed; that’s been a mainstay of Fallout 3’s any% run, serving to one runner crack the 15-minute completion mark 5 years in the past. (The present world-record holder, LMW, additionally used the “speed cripple” trick to set their 14:24 time on Dec. 17.)

Cyberpunk 2077’s any% mark is considerably longer — 3:03:50, set by ColdCypher on Dec. 31. Of course, the sport solely launched on Dec. 10. Maybe the invention of this glitch will likely be useful in cracking the 3-hour barrier briefly time.