Watch Dogs: Legion is all about individuals with totally different ability units coming collectively to defeat a standard enemy. To that finish, a lot of the recreation’s achievements and trophies give attention to utilizing a DedSec member’s distinctive skills to accomplish a selected objective.

For instance, to earn the “Down to the Wire” achievement / trophy, you will need to carry out 5 stealth takedowns with a Professional Hitman character. Here’s how one can recruit the Professional Hitman Skilled Operative and the place you may simply decide up 5 simple stealth takedowns.

Recruiting the Professional Hitman Skilled Operative

Getting a Professional Hitman is easy, if not essentially simple, and requires finishing the Nine Elms Borough Uprising which culminates in “The Black Hole of Battersea.” Once you might have accomplished this quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Professional Hitman, a personality who boasts a pair of highly effective weapons, a fight roll, the capacity to do Gunkata takedowns, and a fierce hatred of Albion that helps them do additional harm once they’re up towards Legion’s privatized police drive.

Unlike Drone Operatives and Living Statues, it doesn’t seem that there are places the place Professional Hitman are particularly doubtless to seem in the wild. That doesn’t imply that you may’t recruit one from off the avenue. We can report scanning one close to Furzton Tower Block in Camden. But you’re a lot better off recruiting the Professional Hitman via the Nine Elms Borough Uprising, and then instantly going for this achievement / trophy in a location the place you may simply pull it off.

Stealth Takedown location

The Palace of Westminster in Watch Dogs: Legion’s map

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

Speaking of which, the Palace of Westminster is a reasonably secure place to safe your takedowns. The vast courtyard, to the east of DedSec HQ, hosts six guards to begin, and they’re all pretty spaced out. The laser alarm by the entrance doesn’t cowl the entirety of the gate, so you may sneak in undetected. From there, it’s a matter of watching every guard’s patrol patterns, and then hanging once they’re furthest away from the different guards. If you need to be additional secure, it could be value investing in the AR Shroud capacity, which, for 35 Tech Points, permits all of your operatives to conceal unconscious or useless NPCs.