A set of curious emblems have been lately made by Square Enix, all showing to narrate to Final Fantasy VII. The writer trademarked the phrases “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier,” in addition to submitting a trademark for the Shinra Electric Power Company brand. The phrases have been filed on December 17, 2020, with the brand following a couple of days in a while December 22, 2020. All of the emblems have been made in Japan and revealed as we speak.

All of those emblems appear to hook up with Final Fantasy VII. “Crisis” is a phrase usually utilized in affiliation with the occasions that preceded Final Fantasy VII’s fundamental story, with each 2004’s cell Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and the 2007 PSP recreation Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII utilizing the phrase. “Ever Crisis” appears to suit into that, and will doubtlessly supply some hints on the route future Final Fantasy VII Remake entries will go. It might doubtlessly even be a subtitle, if the sample continues. Ever Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Remake has a pleasant ring to it.

“The First Soldier” seems to reference the group referred to as SOLDIER from Final Fantasy VII, once more a middle a part of the narrative. It’s an elite black ops combating drive used as a propaganda machine by Shinra, and can be on the coronary heart of the darkish experiments the corporate has been doing. Sephiroth was the “first SOLDIER,” and if this trademark is one more subtitle identify for the Final Fantasy VII Remake sequence, it might as soon as once more trace at the place the long run video games could go. Sephiroth was once hailed as a hero, after all, and his dark side came at the discovery of the experiments that made him.

square enix shinra ever crisis the first soldier final fantasy vii remake

And lastly, the Shinra Electric Power Company brand, the company on the middle of all of it. While Sephiroth could seem to be the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, the occasions of the sport are literally perpetuated by the grasping, power-hungry, and capitalistic intentions of Shinra. Though Sephiroth’s selections and actions make him a villain, he’s in the end a sufferer of Shinra as nicely.

With the best way that Final Fantasy VII Remake ended and the way it slightly shifted the story we knew, there’s been a whole lot of hypothesis about how the narrative may carry ahead, and if future entries would tie into the opposite Final Fantasy VII video games which have expanded the lore and the universe. While indirectly talked about in relation to Final Fantasy VII Remake, these emblems seem to supply up a glimpse at the way forward for one of many greatest releases of 2020.

There’s additionally a idea amongst followers that the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII recreation and movie names observe alphabetical order, and these emblems match the sample.

Advent Children
Before Crisis
Crisis Core
Dirge of Cerberus
Ever Crisis
(the) First Soldier

Square Enix has but to remark or affirm something official concerning the subsequent a part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga, except that it is being worked on. However, so as to add somewhat bit of fireside to the flames of those emblems, the Square Enix Twitter account put out a brand new tweet:

The meme format could be translated as “Thinking about Cloud,” and actually Square Enix? Same. Same.

Hopefully this implies we’ll be getting information on the following a part of Final Fantasy VII Remake sooner relatively than later. Do you assume these emblems are an indication of what’s to return? Is the following recreation going to be titled “Ever Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Remake?”

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