Some English Genshin Impact voice actors will probably be taking part in Streamily autograph classes January 22-24, 2021. For $30-80, folks will pay to have a print signed reside on a stream, then despatched to them.

Here’s an inventory of all the folks taking part within the occasion, the characters they voice, and how a lot an autograph will price you.

  • Allegra “Beidou” Clark: $30 for a Beidou print.
  • Brittany “Fischl” Cox: $40 for a Fischl print.
  • Brook “Stormterror” Chalmers: $30 for a “Stormterror Takes Flight” print. A bigger model can be accessible for $40.
  • Christie “Qiqi” and “Unknown God” Cate: $30 for a Qiqi print. There can be a $40 holographic model accessible. You may also get an “Unknown God” print in $30 customary and $40 massive sizes.
  • Erika “Venti” Harlacher: $40 for a “Venti with a Venti” print or “Venti Comes Home” print. There can be a $30 “Venti and Dvalin” print. A holographic model of it’s $50.
  • Griffin “Tartaglia” Burns: $30 for a “Childe Hydro Attack” print. There can be a $40 bigger model of the artwork accessible.
  • Jennifer “Ganyu” Losi: $40 for a “Ganyu Lantern Rite” print.
  • Kayli “Keqing” Mills: $30 for a Keqing print.
  • Keith “Zhongli” Silverstein: $35 for a Zhongli print.
  • Kelly “Amber” Baskin: There are two Amber prints, with one being $40 and one other $45.
  • Sarah “Lumine” Miller-Crews: $30 for a Lumine print. There can be a bigger model that’s $30.
  • Stephanie “Jean” Southerland: $40 for a “Jean Gunnhildr” print. There can be a “Jean’s Gale Blade” print accessible in $30 customary matte, $40 massive matte, $40 customary holographic, and $50 massive holographic variations.
  • Zach “Aether” Aguilar: $40 for a “Aether and Paimon” print.

Some of the costlier prints are particular on account of having a number of signatures on them or the artwork itself being bigger or uncommon. For instance, the “Cocogoats with Qiqi and Ganyu” possibility, signed by Cate and Losi, is obtainable as a $50 customary print, a $60 holographic print, a $70 poster, and an $80 holographic poster.

While English and Japanese Genshin Impact voice actors weren’t instantly revealed in most cases, miHoYo has been guaranteeing folks know who performs who by way of subsequent bulletins. (Also, in-game you possibly can see their identities in profiles.) For instance, in early January 2021, the developer introduced who voices Ganyu in each English and Japanese.

Genshin Impact is obtainable for the PlayStation 4, PC, and cellular units, with a Nintendo Switch model in improvement. The Genshin Impact voice actor Streamily will probably be held January 22-24, 2021.