Last month, we reported that somebody had managed to port Doom to the Sega Genesis, albeit poorly as a result of {hardware} constraints. Only a few weeks later, somebody’s managed to make the FPS game playable on the 16-bit stalwart.

Retro recreation developer Uniq Games has gotten Doom working at a very respectable charge utilizing the identical setup of a Mega EverDrive cart in a base Sega Genesis console. The display isn’t greyscale any extra, and you’ll actually do issues like transfer and shoot and kill demons and such. Uniq Games put up a quick YouTube video demonstrating his work, switching on the machine, booting up Doom via the EverDrive’s begin menu, and enjoying a few of E1M1.

No clarification is given, however Uniq’s work is verified by krikzz, who made the primary MegaDoom, and posted a quick clip to point out this a factor anybody can do utilizing an EverDrive cart in a Genesis. The prevailing principle on how this works is that additional processing energy is coming from the EverDrive cart in some way, offering the juice obligatory for Sega to make Doom Guy do what Ninten-already-did. It seems to be prefer it runs smoother than simply about any of the pre-PlayStation dwelling console ports, so I’m hereby awarding Sega a retroactive win within the nineties console wars.

Uniq Games’ video:

krikzz’s demo:

Some different latest Doom exploits embody working it on a fake version of Windows, remaking it as if it was from the eighties, and putting it on the recent Nintendo Game and Watch re-release.