Though Genshin Impact appears to be getting a lot of the consideration today, it’s too early to rely out developer miHoYo’s different present title: Honkai Impact third. In reality, a giant model collaboration occasion, Honkai Impact X Evangelion is because of kick off on January 22, 2021. Our earlier report had a teaser trailer exhibiting how Evangelion‘s Angels showing on this planet of Honkai Impact. Now a brand new, extra substantial Honkai Impact X Evangelion trailer has simply dropped:

The new Honkai Impact X Evangelion occasion trailer is extra particular and opens with a glimpse of the occasion’s crossover character, who none aside from Shikinami Asuka Langley, Second Child and pilot of the Evangelion Unit-02. Still wearing her iconic purple plugsuit, Asuka wakes up in Nagazora, a metropolis in Japan.

Other scenes from the trailer mirror iconic frames from Neon Genesis Evangelion, equivalent to one with an enormous robotic and a person who appears so much like a youthful, better-coiffed Gendo Ikari. We see the Angel Sachiel assault Nagazora. Asuka additionally runs previous somebody who appears fairly a bit like Honkai Impact heroine Kiana Kaslana, sporting a brand new purple plugsuit and a watch patch straight from Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0.

A gameplay showcase on the finish for Asuka exhibits the Evangelion character sporting a uniform emblazoned with NERV iconography and seemingly impressed by the college uniform worn by Evangelion Rebuild character Mari Makinami Illustrious. Asuka additionally wields a human-sized model of the enduring purple Lance of Longinus in battle.

Honkai Impact third is instantly obtainable on Android gadgets, iOS gadgets, and PCs via the official website. The Honkai Impact X Evangelion occasion (formally titled “Angel Descends Upon Nagazora”) will start on January 22, 2021.