Housemarque just lately launched one other nine-minute dev diary for its upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive, Returnal, which showcases new footage and discusses how DualSense options can be included into the sport.

“Uncover the method of translating the Housemarque explosive motion into 3D and the right way to keep true to our motto ‘Gameplay First,’” reads a description. Without further ado, check out the video below.

“We’re utilizing the haptic suggestions of the DualSense wi-fi controller to offer gamers additional consciousness of gameplay,” Housemarque beforehand wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “You’ll be able to feel the natural ambience of this alien planet as the controller mimics its environmental effects.”

Adaptive triggers will permit gamers to maneuver “seamlessly” between aiming down sights and activating different hearth. “Every weapon has an alternative firing mode, and each of these ‘Alt-Fire’ modes can be found on any weapon,” Housemarque defined. “Squeeze it halfway down to aim down the iron sights; squeeze it all the way down to activate your rechargeable Alt-Fire attack. Switching between modes on a single trigger will become second nature in no time.”

Add 3D audio to the combo, and you’ll have a heck of an journey.

Returnal tells the story of Selene, who has crash-landed on a shape-shifting world. She has to relentlessly battle for her survival as a result of if she falls, her journey begins over once more. The recreation will launch on March 19th, 2021.

For extra on Returnal, try our previous coverage and keep tuned for extra. In the meantime, tell us what you consider the gameplay to date.