IO Interactive‘s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Hakan Abrak, has opened up about the studio’s amicable break up with writer Square Enix, which noticed the developer retain rights to the Hitman franchise.

In an interview with Game Informer, Abrak revealed that Square Enix “lost faith” in the franchise following “historically low” gross sales, thanks in half to Hitman‘s episodic release format.

It was called a Trojan Horse strategy, just get people in and if they like it, they will upgrade. Maybe we’ll get an entire lot larger volumes in the beginning and hopefully we are able to convert these folks in the event that they like the sport. That was the technique. The skepticism and, ‘What is this?’ and ‘Is this early access from a big publisher?’ and what not, it ended up being traditionally low gross sales – a traditionally low begin. And over time, even our writer – and proprietor – again then misplaced religion.

Hitman has at all times had considerably of a cult following so Abrak doesn’t appear in charge Square Enix for its choices. However, he’s eager to maneuver on to the brand new 007 project as soon as the trilogy concludes later this month. However, this doesn’t imply IO is abandoning Agent 47. Far from it. As Chief Creative Officer Christian Elverdam places it, IO Interactive is “creatively hungry” and “curious.”

“In a way I think it’s poetic that Hitman, in its prime in a way, was the beginning for IO as an independent company,” Elverdam informed Game Informer. “Right now, it’s also the beginning of IO as an independent company, because the first title that we launch is the ending of this conclusion.”

Hitman 3 will launch on January 20th.

[Source: Game Informer]