Cyberpunk 2077‘s first major patch seems to have fixed some things and broken others. Persistent crashes aside, players have taken to social media to report that one of the game’s quests involving Takemura has a progression-breaking bug that may’t be mounted by reloading outdated saves or making a new save file.

As reported by Kotaku, Cyberpunk 2077 replace 1.1 was supposed to handle a difficulty in ‘Down on the Street’ mission the place Takemura wouldn’t name. He does name now following the replace, however apparently doesn’t discuss. CD Projekt RED hasn’t responded to the complaints on the time of this writing, however two Reddit customers have potential workarounds for individuals who are caught.

User symtryx advised calling Judy earlier than Takemura calls, and staying on the cellphone. “End your conversation with Judy and his face should be gone,” they added. “You can now play other missions. I then completed a Delamain side job and waited 24 hours. After driving around for a few minutes, I got the call from Takemura with normal dialogue.”

User therealkehaz stated that they had been in a position to repair the problem by driving to an undiscovered location near a facet job they hadn’t interacted with earlier than. “The phone hung up on Takemura as Regina Jones was calling about the undiscovered location,” they defined. “Immediately after, Dakota Smith called about the side job. Takemura did not call back even after ending the other two calls and re-tracking the quest to wait for him to call. I wandered around a bit, did a few little assaults and a side quest that I had been sitting on for a while, made a new save, reloaded the same save, and Takemura called as soon as I reloaded. This time though, he went through his dialogue, and it pushed the quest into the ‘Gimme Danger’ step.”

We hope this works for our readers.

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