The Little Nightmares II demo was launched on Steam again in December and now PlayStation Four has caught up. The Wilderness demo might be downloaded from the PlayStation Store now. A brand new Lost in Transmission trailer additionally accompanied the demo.

Unsurprisingly, the Wilderness demo permits gamers to check out the sport’s Wilderness stage. New protagonist Mono begins the extent in the midst of a darkish, forboding forest. When he reaches the shack, he’ll have to free Little Nightmares’ unique protagonist Six. The pair then want to flee from the Hunter collectively — his seek for new trophies to go on the wall of his shack means they’re in a lot of hazard.

The new trailer exhibits some highlights from the duo’s journey as they attempt to make their approach in the direction of the Signal Tower, whose distorting transmission appears to be the reason for this world’s ills. There’s a take a look at the creepy Bullies, dwelling porcelain dolls below the management of the sadistic Teacher. They’ll hurt the pair in the event that they get too shut. There’s additionally a Patient sat in a wheelchair in a hall, and he’s watching their each transfer. There’s additionally the an identical Viewers, brainwashed, distorted creatures who’re hooked on the intense lights of the tv. It all appears moderately threatening.

Little Nightmares II desires to enhance on its predecessor in some ways. The recreation desires to be a more expansive experience with extra environments, extra selection, and extra enemies, all of which have been upgraded. Checkpoint positioning has been altered and loading instances at the moment are faster.If gamers actually need to defend themselves, they’ll be capable to use gadgets like kitchen utensils as instruments, though fight will only be a very small part of the game.

The full recreation shall be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 11. Those wishing to play the sport on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S must wait a bit longer — that model shall be launched later in 2021. Those not wishing to attend can all the time make use of the free next-gen improve when these variations lastly arrive.