Mario Kart Wii is almost 13 years outdated, however hardcore gamers are nonetheless making an attempt to bend it to their will with “ultra shortcuts” — large lap skips that require unreasonably excessive ranges of ability. But years after the invention of the Rainbow Road ultra shortcut and over a decade after the sport’s launch, a streamer named Arthur finally nailed the shortcut, giving him the quickest time on this planet.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mario Kart Wii, the sport is comically damaged when it comes to the way it counts laps. Players can trick the sport into believing they’ve accomplished a lap usually, regardless of driving out of bounds or forcing Lakitu to fish them out of the pit and again onto the highway, based on a YouTube documentary from Summoning Salt. If gamers can handle to hit that remaining checkpoint earlier than the end line, many maps will depend it as a good lap when gamers cross the end line. This has led gamers to strive all kinds of shenanigans, like going means out of bounds to fastidiously nab a checkpoint, or driving over “undrivable” terrain.

These ultra shortcuts take endurance to study and severe ability to execute, and a few are almost inconceivable. Rainbow Road technically has two ultra shortcuts: one which requires Lakitu to drop gamers at a particular spot on the monitor, and one other that gamers found almost 5 years in the past utilizing tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) software program.

The first Rainbow Road ultra shortcut was good, however had a couple of too many caveats, like needing gamers to be on-line and be at a sure place within the race — in the event you have been too far forward of the opposite racers, Lakitu would drop you within the improper spot. The actual prize was the shortcut gamers found utilizing TAS. But with out TAS’ enter assist, executing the shortcut was extremely tough.

Arthur hasn’t but posted his personal video, though a Twitch clip from a viewer is at the moment on the prime of the Speedrun subreddit. The shortcut appears to be like pretty easy within the footage. But as Summoning Salt describes it, gamers want flawless controller inputs to nail this trick — which is why it took years and hundreds of makes an attempt.

Arthur drives ahead in the beginning of the race and rapidly turns round on the finish of the security guardrail. Arthur then hops off the monitor and onto the very skinny a part of the highway, on the alternative aspect of the guardrail. Arthur then jumps off the sliver of highway and makes use of a mushroom to float throughout an enormous chasm and return to the monitor earlier than crossing the end line.

With that lap completion on Jan. 13, Arthur claimed the world record for Rainbow Road and the primary non-assisted use of the Rainbow Road ultra shortcut.