Monolith Soft president Hirohide Sugiura was lately interview by Famitsu concerning his imaginative and prescient for this yr alongside along with his ideas on the way forward for the corporate. Mr. Sugiura says that he desires full scale online game growth to be accessible for all, not simply these with loads of money within the financial institution. He additionally stated that he desires to make sure that workers suppose “I sure am glad I worked here” as soon as they retire. Here’s his ideas.

“We aren’t focusing our attention on increasing the amount of employees or offices we have. It’s more that we’re meeting the needs of our projects and the scope of what’s requested of us. And we’re still recruiting talent in order to reach our goals, so I hope anyone interested checks us out. But I also think we’re going to feel the effects of the decreasing birthrate in Japan as we continue on. So even though there will be people with a variety of different circumstances, as long as we prepare for what’s ahead, we can make it easier to join in on game development. Therefore, regardless whether the current situation with coronavirus calms down or not, I want us to keep maintaining a work-from-home environment.”

“Rather than be a company that’s always on a roll, I want us to be a company that sustains itself. I want when our employees retire and look back on their career, they say, ‘I sure am glad I worked here.’ And I don’t want the games industry to be something that’s only for the wealthy or first-world nations; I hope the barriers can be broken down and the accessibility to enjoy games spreads, because video games bring smiles to people’s faces.”