Majesco Entertainment and developer DreamRift have confirmed that the Nintendo DS game Monster Tale is being reimagined for modern video game platforms. The platforms they’re focusing on haven’t been confirmed, nonetheless we’re crossing our fingers that this consists of the Nintendo Switch. Majesco Entertainment has offered an outline of the game, which is scheduled to launch later this year.

“Players in Monster Tale expertise a seamless mix of basic gameplay types of puzzle-platformers, Metroidvania, and pet administration as they search to rid the improbable Monster World of the evil ragtag group the Kid-Kings. Working collectively Ellie and Chomp should study new expertise so as to return the world to the rightful palms of the monsters and assist Ellie return residence.

Monster Tale encompasses a fantastically crafted world of 2D pixel paintings paying homage to basic 90’s titles. As gamers discover the world as Ellie, they’ll unlock new talents for her to use to overcome the obstacles she faces. They’ll additionally assist to prepare her monster companion Chomp in order that he can evolve and help Ellie of their adventures.”