In the run as much as its launch, Watch Dogs: Legion was the topic of fairly a little bit of buzz. Turns out, there’s some buzz within the recreation itself, too.

To earn the “NO NOT THE BEES” achievement and trophy, you should neutralize 10 Albion officers with the Bee Swarm capacity. In this guide, we’ll stroll you thru how you can recruit the Beekeeper Skilled Operative and provide good methods for taking down 10 Albion guards.

Recruiting the Beekeeper Skilled Operative

Beekeeper Skilled Operative in Watch Dogs: Legion

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

To recruit the Beekeeper Skilled Operative, you first want to finish the London Borough Uprising. There are three actions with purple markers to finish earlier than the “Mind Games” opens up. Complete it, and the Beekeeper Skilled Operative will mechanically be added to your workforce.

Neutralizing 10 Albion guards

Watch Dogs Legion No Not the Bees Albion Station Camden

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft by way of Polygon

In our 60 or so hours with the sport, we’ve solely seen one NPC with the beekeeper occupation out within the wild. So whereas it’s doable to recruit a backup beekeeper off the road, you’ll be in search of some time.

If you’re taking part in with permadeath enabled, you’ll have to be cautious as you try this. Thankfully, you don’t have to take the Albion guards out consecutively. Go for this achievement/trophy pretty early on within the recreation when Albion officers are nonetheless sustaining a powerful presence on the streets. That manner, it will likely be simple to search out one or two collectively, and you gained’t have to infiltrate a densely populated restricted space.

The Bee Swarm capacity will solely eat up about half of an Albion guards well being. So, earlier than making an attempt to neutralize them, shoot them together with your stun gun a couple of occasions to get their well being down. Then unleash your biblical plague.

If, nevertheless, you do wish to knock out all 10 in a single go, we advocate the Albion Station Camden (proven above), which has ample cowl and is filled with Albion officers.