The wacky weapons in Ratchet and Clank are a few of the finest causes to play the action-adventure games. One fan understands this, and has introduced the plucky duo to PC by means of a Doom 2 mod.

Ratchet and Clank: Hot and Bothered is a mod for Doom 2, Final Doom, and FreeDoom, carried out utilizing GZDoom, that provides a load of weapons, sounds, and monsters to make the FPS game really feel extra like Insomniac’s platform game. If you aren’t acquainted, Ratchet and Clank is a long-running Sony sequence, beginning again on the PlayStation 2, a few rodent motion hero, Ratchet, and his robotic sidekick, Clank. They journey from planet to planet, finishing quests and attempting to defeat evil, utilizing an array of weapons just like the Groovitron, Sheepinator, or trusty Omniwrench.

Here, modder That_Blind_Guy has included the likes of the Blitz Gun, Infector, and Mini-Turret Launcher, every able to its personal model of chaos if you happen to use it proper. Ammo is effectively laid out, to be sure to’re staying in good provide, and sound results embrace each Ratchet and Clank cheering about buying a brand new device of destruction. You can improve the weapons, identical to in Ratchet and Clank, as much as V5, and your well being as much as 400.

In a post on ModDB, That_Blind_Guy says improvement on the gameplay is completed, and he’s now transferring onto making extra maps.

Here’s an prolonged demo from That_Blind_Guy, and his most popular settings:

You can download the latest version here. Since not one of the eleven Ratchet and Clank video games developed by Insomniac Games have made it to PC simply but, this is a welcome comfort. As at all times, mod with warning.