A fan recreation mash-up affords a new type of tackle Super Monkey Ball and Wolfenstein 3D. Nickireda’s Return to Castle Monkey Ball is a chance to ship B.J. Blazkowicz to struggle Nazis and acquire bananas in Castle Wolfenstein. Yes, it turns the citadel into a labyrinth and pops BJ into a ball.

Essentially, Return to Castle Monkey Ball applies Super Monkey Ball gameplay to the Wolfenstein 3D story. People are tasked with going via eight ranges within the citadel as a part of “Operation Bad-Boon,” every of which is timed. You can even acquire bananas and treasure alongside the way in which to improve your rating or run into enemies to get a little extra time. (You do want to construct up some momentum to truly injury foes, and guards can shoot at and damage B.J.) There are 4 problem ranges to select from, that are “Can I play, Daddy?,” “Don’t Hurt Me,” “Bring ‘em On,” and “I am Death Incarnate.”

Here’s Nickireda’s announcement tweet, which incorporates a trailer displaying Return to Castle Monkey Ball gameplay.

return to castle monkey ball 2

Castle Monkey Ball is instantly out there to play in your HTML5-compatible browser at no cost by way of itch.io.