Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account revealed new Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirit Board will start on January 8, 2021. This time, it’ll supply an opportunity to gather three new characters. If you present up throughout the 5 day occasion, you’ll have an opportunity to get three SSBU Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Spirits.

Thanks to the Japanese SSBU account, we additionally already know the identities of the Age of Calamity Spirits and what they’re succesful of. The two Primary Spirits are Impa and Master Kohga, whereas the Diminutive Guardian seems as a Support Spirit. 

Impa is an Ace Spirit. As is becoming for somebody with ninja-like abilities, equipping her provides a participant the Item Throw ↑ bonus. You must struggle a Sheik Spirit Battle to earn her.

SSBU age of calamity spirit impa

Master Kohga is an Advanced Spirit. If you’ve gotten him outfitted, you get the Weight ↑ bonus. His Spirit Battle struggle includes King Okay. Rool.

SSBU age of calamity spirit master kohga

Diminutive Guardian is a Novice stage Spirit. It has the Improved Escape talent. The Spirit Battle to get them includes R.O.B.

SSBU age of calamity spirit diminutive guardian

Both Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity can be found for the Nintendo Switch worldwide. The SSBU Age of Calamity Spirits will present up January 8-13, 2021. If you miss the the occasion, then you’ll have to await a future patch to have a possibility to gather them.