A Sengoku Basara Hero is coming to Teppen, and it’s Demon Queen Oichi. The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni is right here alongside new playing cards from each her recreation and Okami. There’s additionally a login present that can give everybody 10 The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni Pack Tickets as of January 5, 2021.

Teppen’s Oichi has Hero Arts that every one play with the concept of her utilizing demise to make herself stronger. For instance, she will be able to regain Life, make her models stronger, and revive allies in her graveyard.

Here are the official descriptions of all three expertise from the site.

  • Dancing Dead: Deal injury to an enemy unit equal to the variety of Unit Cards in your Graveyard. If a unit dies from this injury, your Hero positive factors +3 Life.
  • Dark Invitation: Activate the Death talents of a pleasant unit.
  • Despair, Wail, and Perish!: Place Three black models in your Graveyard with an MP value of four or much less onto the subject. Give all pleasant models +1/+1.

And right here’s an inventory of a few of the new playing cards added alongside Oichi.

  • Contract of Destruction: Legendary Action
  • Crystal Ball: Legendary Action
  • Curse Extraction: Legendary Action
  • Dark Whispers Oichi: Human Spirit Legendary Unit
  • Eastern Light Ieyasu: Human Legendary Unit
  • Fallen Angel Mitsunari: Human Legendary Unit
  • Fox Demon Ninetails: Spirit Legendary Unit
  • Ill-Fated Queen Himiko: Human Legendary Unit
  • Komuso: Human Common Unit
  • Power of Shared Bonds: Legendary Action
  • Priestess Rao: Human Legendary Unit
  • Tenkai: Human Epic Unit

While Oichi is Teppen’s first Sengoku Basara Hero, characters from the recreation appeared right here earlier than. When Okami’s Amaterasu joined, playing cards based mostly on characters like Demon King Oda Nobunaga and Oshu Lord Date Masamune appeared.

Here’s a brand new Teppen trailer providing an summary of who Sengoku Basara’s Oichi is.


In addition to the login current, there are additionally some event-related actions occurring. There’s a five-day login bonus occasion that can give individuals two The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni Pack Tickets, 50 Souls, and 60 Zenny in the event that they log into the recreation for 5 days earlier than February 28, 2021. There’s additionally an occasion mission out there till January 14, 2021 that provides extra Pack Ticket.

Teppen is on the market on each Android and Apple iOS units. Recent Heroes embrace Okami’s Amaterasu and Monster Hunter’s Felyne.