Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord lets you put collectively a military nevertheless you see match – and the best way we take a look at it, there’s no higher strategy to construct a military than to recruit a bunch of Norse giants. Thanks to the Jötnar of Sturgia mod, now you can do precisely that.

As the identify suggests, the mod adds a brand new race of recruitable troops: the Jötnar of Viking fantasy. Modder ThisIsSovereign says the mod makes an attempt to incorporate this admittedly non-human race of giants into Bannerlord in “as lore friendly a way as possible”, which isn’t as a lot of a stretch as you would possibly initially assume. Nordic persons are referenced within the open-world game, and so if you calm down the ‘historical accuracy’ requirement a bit, there’s room for some large ol’ Jötnar on Calradia’s battlefields.

They’ll present up hardly ever as recruitable models by default – about 20% of Sturgian Recruits are changed with Jötunn Recruits. There’s a full improve tree for the Jötnar, so that they don’t have to remain on the recruit stage. They can be skilled to grow to be highly effective ranged, polearm, or melee models, finally reaching the ranks of Chosen of Ymir, Chosen of Fenrir, or others. In complete, there are 15 totally different unit varieties for the Jötnar included within the mod.

The mod is definitely three separate modules, and you’ll want to put in no less than two: there’s the baseline Jötnar of Sturgia, which adds the troops to the sport, and the Jötnar skins. This second module makes use of the Detailed Character Creation mod, and it must be positioned on the high of your load order for the sport to make use of it.

Optionally, you can additionally set up the Sons of Fenrir module. This adds an entire new clan to Sturgia, and it has its personal distinctive NPCs, together with new Sturgian cities for them to occupy. This module requires you to start out a brand new save, however the excellent news is that if you begin as a Sturgian lord, you’ll start the sport with 20% of your troops being Jötnar.

Check out our information to Bannerlord mods for more information, and you should definitely comply with the set up directions on the mod web page rigorously. This one can be difficult to get to work.