“You’re a hero. Addressing you properly is the least they can do.” That’s the primary line within the description of the Pronouns mod for Skyrim, which permits you to select most popular pronouns for your character unbiased of any of their different bodily traits.

With the Pronouns mod enabled, you’ll have the chance to choose your character’s pronouns instantly after closing the race menu within the character creation course of. If you’ve already bought a personality operating within the RPG game, to not fear – you can use the console command “showracemenu” to deliver up the race menu once more and choose most popular pronouns, together with they/them if you wish to use gender-neutral language.

The mod is supposed to make enjoying as a trans or non-binary character extra immersive, stopping NPCs within the recreation from misgendering your character. Its writer, Jake Alaimo, says it really works by changing the GetIsSex and SameSex situation features inside Skyrim’s code. When a state of affairs requires your character’s gender variable, the override you’ve chosen within the menu can be used as a substitute of the default – which implies different characters within the recreation will seek advice from your character appropriately.

There are just a few limitations, nevertheless, particularly when utilizing they/them pronouns. In sure circumstances, Alaimo says, quest scripts lack gender-neutral dialogue choices, and that may forestall you from finishing them. This might be patched, nevertheless it’s a possible hurdle you’ll run into whereas utilizing the mod.

You’ll must have Skyrim Script Extender put in to make use of Pronouns. Once that’s arrange, head to the Pronouns web page on Nexus Mods and comply with the set up directions. There are variations accessible for each Skyrim Legendary Edition and Skyrim Special Edition.

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