Skyrim has loads of equipment knocking about that may give your Dragonborn some (usually, a lot wanted) buffs and impact boosts. Helmets, amulets, circlets, armour, and weapons usually come infused with some helpful effects-based helpers for your hero, and it’s mighty tempting to bedeck your Dovahkiin in every thing you discover to maximise their possibilities in opposition to Tamriel’s beasts and baddies – however the completed look of all this gear piled on isn’t essentially what you’re going for. Thankfully, a brand new mod helps clear up this dilemma.

Powerofthree’s ‘Equipment Toggle’ mod is a plug-in for Skyrim: Special Edition that lets you do exactly that – it “visually toggles” your tools on and off without truly unequipping it. So, it appears to be like like you’ll get to maintain all these perks and buffs you’ve accrued by way of looting Skyrim’s many forts, caves, and – properly, let’s be sincere – residences by protecting them technically outfitted, however without hiding all that tough work you put into your look.

The mod works utilizing hotkeys, that are tied to sure toggleable tools slots. It contains choices to mechanically hide objects you’ve acquired outfitted, unhide your gear when you enter fight, after which hide it when you enter an inn or house.

While the mod doesn’t permit for toggling physique, glove, or boot slots (you’d in all probability wish to hold them outfitted anyway!), “almost all items can be toggled”, because the modder explains. So, appears to be like like excellent news if you’re eager to maintain the well being and mana buffs, snazzy magicka assault results, and added carry weight from all that gear you’ve been kitting your hero out in however with a extra minimalist method to accessorising.

The mod works on followers and all NPCs in addition to your personal character, too.

If you’re eager to get an thought of how the mod works or fancy grabbing it for your self, you can discover it on Nexus Mods here. As ever, mod with warning – and ensure to check out our rundown of the best Skyrim mods whereas you’re right here, too.