Tunneling in Minecraft is usually a ache. Thankfully, somebody’s devised a means of automating it, form of. A new knowledge pack enables you to create TNT that can blow a gap in no matter path you’d like, simply watch out the place you level it.

The modder jpdude98 posted a video of his wily invention, showcasing its explosive capabilities. First, you set down a standard TNT, then connect a sticky piston on no matter aspect you need it go, then add a complete bunch extra TNT, and when it explodes, it’ll keep it up exploding for nonetheless many different TNTs you place in, carving an enormous gap in its wake.

The method isn’t precisely swish, and when you set it off, that’s it, although the pack features a appeal for safeguarding objects out of your path of fireplace. It’s very efficient for reaching underground layers rapidly, or going via a mountain, relatively than round or over. What’s even cooler is you should utilize it to fast-travel too, combining a saddle and a Blast Protection four guide to sit down on the TNT because it makes its journey. Taking the scenic route, nicely and really.

See for your self:

You can download the data pack here. Pair it up with this other mod that turns loads of Minecraft’s items into time bombs, and also you’re in for a whale of a time.