Arc System Works promised BlazBlue Alternative Dark War would launch in Japan in February 2021, and it made good on that vow. The game is now available in the region. To go along with it, there’s a launch trailer that shows off some of the BlazBlue Alternative Dark War characters we’ll see in-game.

In BlazBlue Alternative Dark War, people go through the titular Dark War. They’ll work alongside Mitsurugi Agency agent Ciel Sulphur and apparently a host of BlazBlue characters to accomplish that. While the big round-up image shows lots of characters from throughout the series, the video especially takes a moment to highlight people like Jin and Trinity.

What’s interesting about the trailer is how it also points out more obscure BlazBlue Alternative Dark War characters. For example, one of the people it shows off is Kazuma Kval. He so far only appeared in the Japan-exclusive BlazBlue: Phase Shift light novels alongside Celica Mercury.

Here’s the BlazBlue Alternative Dark War launch trailer. During the “battle” section, you can see how people like Jin, Mai, Noel, Rachel, and Tager fight.

BlazBlue Alternative Dark War is available on Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan. Arc System Works hasn’t announced a global version yet.